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May or June (can’t remember) 2020

A lot has gone on since my last entry. That entry has been deleted. I’m on the fence as to whether I want to set up a simple blog to keep past entries or not. Probably not. Let’s see. We are going to be getting back to mixing our album that we haven’t been able to work on due to the virus and other events. We did a Facebook livestream with Carbone’s in south Minneapolis a month ago or so. If you go to our Nikki & The RueMates Facebook public page, the video should be on there. I think we’re going to make a couple more videos and put them up there—maybe here too. Some issues came up when we did the Facbook livestream and long story short, for us, just making a regular video instead of a livestream works better. I did not change the color of the text. Yet. :)